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Seniors’ Information Line

Are you wondering what services you can access or how to get a hold of service? 


Do you have a problem and want to talk confidentially and anonymously, call the Seniors’ Information Line at:

867-920-7444 or toll free: 

1-800-661-0878 or email

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The Seniors’ Information Line (SIL) informs seniors and elders about programs and services which can be of assistance to them. It also assists those who are having difficulty accessing the programs to get the assistance they need.

The Seniors’ Information Line is a single point of entry for seniors and elders across the NWT. We can also help service providers, caregivers and family members. The service is provided through telephone access which is located in the Yellowknife office. 

The Seniors’ Information Line was first established in 1995 and has continually expanded since then.  The SIL receives calls on many topics and provides information to answer your questions.  We can receive calls from people identifying elder abuse as an issue in their communities.  We offer a listening ear and support older adults who are vulnerable for abuse and neglect or people who are concerned about them.

If you are 50 years or older and live in the NWT, the Seniors’ Information Handbook is a convenient resource and contains a comprehensive source of information about programs and services available in the NWT. Many of the benefits are for adults 60 years of age or older, but it is important to review the programs so you are aware of them. The handbook was prepared in partnership with NWT House Corporation and the GNWT Departments of Health and Social Services, Education, Culture and Employment, Municipal and Community Affairs and Transportation. First published in 2001, this latest edition (2017) continues to be a good source of information.

If you would like a hard copy of the handbook please contact the Communications Unit of Department of Health & Social Services at (867) 767-9052, ext. 49034 or email

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