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of Older Adults

Addressing the abuse of older adults or elder abuse is a major strategic priority for the NWT Seniors’ Society.

We did research in 2010 and organized a gathering called Making Connections:  Building Networks. 

These showed that abuse of older adults continues to be a major social issue in communities throughout the NWT.

To address the widespread prevalence of older adult abuse in the territories, the NWT Seniors’ Society held a workshop in November 2011. Participants from this workshop helped to establish the NWT Network to Prevent the Abuse of Older Adults. The Network now has over 55 members throughout the NWT.  We meet regularly via teleconference. Members are committed older adult advocates who work to achieve reduction, prevention, and ultimate eradication of the abuse of older adults.


You can learn more about the NWT Network and older adult abuse.

Additionally, the NWT Seniors’ Society’s Board of Directors, staff members, and community partners can help to start seniors and elders groups in communities where there are no groups at the present time. The groups, once established, are a community resource to the seniors and elders.  They can provide a place for meetings, recreational activities, sharing of culture and traditional knowledge as well as offering a comfortable, safe environment. The Society is committed to promoting the development of support networks at the community and regional level to address the abuse of older adults.


The NWTSS also offers 2 day workshops on elder abuse for communities.  Get more information about the workshops here.  If you or your community organization would like to have a workshop on elder abuse, or to explore the establishment of a support network, please contact us at (867) 920-7444 or call our toll-free number 1-800-661-0878.

Creating Safe Communities for Older Adults Workshop:

NWTSS offers two-day workshops on Creating Safe Communities for Older Adults.  


The workshop will educate participants on elder abuse. Participants can be elders, service providers, and interested community residents. The focus is to encourage participants’ learning through discussion, looking at examples on video, and presentations. Participants will work together to create individual and community action plans to stop abuse. We invite the RCMP as guest speakers to discuss options and help improve communication.  Participants leave the workshop empowered to speak out and create action in their communities against abuse of older adults.  See poster on the workshop here.

The workshop is facilitated by Society staff.  It is part of a larger project of called Leading the Way, Networking to Prevent Abuse of Older Adults.  The Society is carrying out this work in partnership with the recently created NWT Network to Prevent Abuse of Older Adults.  Funding is being provided by the GNWT Departments of Health and Social Services.


Following each workshop, we create a report with an overview of the main issues, solutions, and goals discussed by participants. Here are some of the reports from past workshops:




Translation of Neighbours, Friends and Families It’s Not Right

While each presentation is adapted to the specific community, here are some examples of resources used:

Prevention of Older Adult Abuse:
A Shared Responsibility

Presented by: Barb Hood, Executive Director NWT Seniors’ Society Here

YOU Power and Making a Difference

Future Us:  A Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention

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