Seniors’ Information Line

The Seniors’ Information Line was first established in 1995.  The program has continually expanded since 1995.  The number of calls and the nature of calls have increased, particularly with callers identifying elder abuse as an issue in their communities.  It is expected the program will expand further as there is a greater need particularly in the area of supports for older adults who are vulnerable for abuse and neglect.

The Seniors’ Information Line is the only “elder abuse line” currently operating in the NWT and is a resource to older adults, service providers, caregivers and family.

This service is provided to inform seniors and elders about programs and services which can be of assistance to them. The service is also available to help seniors and elders who are having difficulty accessing the programs if for some reason they are unable to get the assistance they need.

Information Line is a single point of entry for seniors and elders across the NWT.  The service is provided through telephone access which is located in the Yellowknife office.
If you have a problem and want to talk confidentially and anonymously, call:

867-920-7444 or toll free: 1-800-661-0878