Senior Citizens’ Month in the NWT

From June 1st to 30th, we honour and recognize the seniors in our families and communities. During that time, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily activity ideas and events happening in your community.


Special dates to note: June 1st is Intergenerational Day and June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.


About Senior Citizens’ Month

Senior Citizens’ Month provides an opportunity for people of all ages to celebrate with our seniors in the NWT. We celebrate their lives, accomplishments, wisdom and knowledge. We want to provide opportunities for them to pass this rich heritage on to families and communities. It can be an exciting time to get the family and community together and be active with our elders and older adults.

The primary purpose of this year’s Senior Citizens’ Month is to dedicate time to recognize the contribution seniors make to the quality of life in the NWT. Objectives of the month are to:

  • Recognize, honor and respect older citizens in the NWT;
  • Promote opportunities for all generations to learn together and from each other;
  • Encourage mutual respect for elders and seniors among families and within the community; and
  • Encourage and promote partnerships and collaborative approaches to addressing issues that are of concern to seniors and elders at the community and territorial levels.

During this month let’s take extra time and care in honouring our senior citizens. The prosperity we continue to enjoy today has been made possible by the seniors and elders of our communities

During this month take the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the contribution seniors and older adults make to our quality of life in the NWT.


See here for a statement by NWT Minister Responsible for Seniors, Glen Abernethy regarding of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2018.



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