Addressing the abuse of older adults or elder abuse is a major strategic priority for the NWT Seniors’ Society. The research the Society carried out in 2010 and the input from the Making Connections: Building Networks Symposium clearly showed that abuse of older adults continues to be a major social issue in communities throughout the NWT.

To address the widespread prevalence of older adult abuse in the territories, the NWT Seniors’ Society held a workshop, Leading the Way – The Work Continues in November 2011. Participants from this workshop helped to establish the NWT Network to Prevent the Abuse of Older Adults. The Network now has over 55 members throughout the NWT who meet regularly via teleconference. Members are committed older adult advocates who work to achieve reduction, prevention, and ultimate eradication of the abuse of older adults. You can learn more about the NWT Network and older adult abuse here.

Additionally, the members of the NWT Seniors’ Society’s Board of Directors, staff members, and community partners continue to work to ensure seniors and elders groups and committees are established in communities where there are no groups at the present time. The groups, once established, are a community resource to the seniors and elders, providing a place for meetings, recreational activities, sharing of culture and traditional knowledge as well as offering a comfortable, safe environment.The Society is committed to working with communities and seniors and elders groups and committees to facilitate the development of support networks at the regional and community level to address the abuse of older adults.


If you or your community organization would like to have a workshop on elder abuse, or to explore the establishment of a support network, please contact us at (867) 920-7444 or call our toll-free number 1-800-661-0878.