HAY RIVER (October 5, 2018) – The new addition to Woodland Manor officially opened on Friday, October 5 in Hay River.

The new addition and a renovation to a room in Woodland Manor replaces the ten long term care beds that were in the old H.H. Williams Memorial Hospital. Having the long term care beds in the same facility helps streamline the care provided to seniors and elders. 

The new addition includes nine long term care rooms and a family room. The family room is where family members can spend the night or have quiet interactions with their loved ones.

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) invested $7 million in the design and construction of the new addition. The completion of the Woodland Manor extension project is part of the GNWT’s commitment to improving the wellness of residents and is part of the much larger health system transformation initiative to achieve best health, best care for a better future.


“An essential goal of this government is to meet the healthcare and social needs of elders and seniors. Having all the long term care beds under one building will improve efficiency in the delivery of care provided to residents, and provides much needed long term care beds within our health system. The completion of this important project in Hay River is one of the ways that we are planning for the future health needs for our residents.
Glen Abernethy, Minister of Health and Social Services

“The completion of projects like the Woodland Manor demonstrates our government’s continued commitment to make strategic infrastructure investments for the health and well-being of our residents while also taking into account the future health needs of our communities. Similar to previous projects and those that will follow, this investment will have large impacts on the residents of the community, as well as their families.”
Wally Schumann, Minister of Infrastructure

Quick Facts

  • The new addition has 9 long term care rooms and a family room, and the original building used existing space for 1 more long term care room.
  • The new addition replaces the number of long term care beds that were in the old H.H. Williams Memorial Hospital.
  • Long term care residents in the old H.H. Williams Memorial Hospital were moved into the new addition in mid-August.
  • Hay River has 25 long term care beds, which includes 2 beds for respite and palliative care.

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