Arctic Ambassadors

Arctic Ambassador Program

The Arctic Ambassador Program is the flagship program of NWT Seniors’ Society which encourages seniors to participate in their communities and be leaders in providing a valuable service to the travelling public. Since March, 2008 when the program first started with volunteers at the Yellowknife Airport, there have been an increasing demand for volunteers to cover more shifts.

In 2010, the volunteers were meeting more flights from southern cities during the afternoon and evening. With the expanded volunteer base of over 30 now in Yellowknife, we will also be operating from the Northern Frontier Regional Visitors Centre over the summer months. The volunteers will greet visitors, share their experiences living in the North, and point the visitors to interesting venues, events and promote the local businesses in the City of Yellowknife.  All of these volunteer hours have been an added service for the City of Yellowknife, NWT Tourism and Northern Frontier Regional Visitors Centre in Yellowknife.

In the fall, 2010, the program expanded into the communities of Hay River and Fort Smith.  The museums and visitors centres in these two communities have shown an interest in having volunteers share their cultural and traditional knowledge for the visitors who come to their towns over the summer season.  The volunteers in all three  communities were recruited from the local seniors group.  In Hay River and Fort Smith, a group of seniors were already providing services to the tourists who visited their communities.  The Arctic Ambassador Program supported the work that was underway.

The Arctic Ambassador Program volunteers have identifying jackets and name tags, feel free to approach them or join them in their efforts.  If you wish to learn more about the program and volunteer in your community, please feel free to contact Yvonne Quick: