Elders In Motion

Elders In Motion

NWT Seniors’ Society is a supporter and advocate of the “Elders in Motion”  program.  The program is lead by the NWT Recreation and Parks Association in partnership with the Dene Nation and the GNWT Health and Social Services.

“Elders in Motion” (EIM) is a series of fitness training programs that are delivered in partnership with The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging. One of the training courses has been adapted with training materials that are relevant to the NWT.  The other courses that are offered allow the fitness trainer to create their own community program.

Training Gathering February 11-12 2014:

The 2014 Elders in Motion Training Gathering was held February 11-12 in Yellowknife. See the final report here: 2014 EIM Training Gathering Report

The Elders in Motion Training Gathering brings together elders, recreation leaders, health professionals, volunteers, youth and others interested in the physical fitness and well-being of older adults. The Training Gathering provides a time and place to share information about community elder programs, programming tips, participate in training and celebrate elders and their caregivers.

See last year’s training gathering report here: Elders in Motion Training Gathering 2013


Get Active Elders Grants 

EIM program grants 

Goals of the EIM program

  1. To provide access to physical activity for seniors and elders living in the NWT;
  2. To deliver training of the EIM program to various health and recreation leaders in the NWT;
  3. To support the implementation of community EIM fitness programs with various partners.

Benefits of the EIM program

  1. Beneficial in improving the physical and psychological wellbeing of elders and seniors;
  2. Improvement of functional mobility, endurance and strength;
  3. Confidence in performing daily activities without losing balance or falling;
  4. Feel better and have an improved outlook on life;
  5. Increase in seniors and elders energy and endurance;
  6. Decrease in loneliness and promotes social well being.

First Elder Champion

Marcel Norn is an avid member of the Elders in Motion exercise group in Fort Resolution.

Marcel said that he used to always get leg cramps and he had tried medication, but it did not work.  Since doing the EIM exercises, he doesn’t get the leg cramps any more.  When asked what his advice is to other seniors and elders, Marcel said, “Exercise is good for you, walk and listen to your Doctor.”

Elder Champions

Does your community have an inspirational senior or elder who is active?

Do they exercise or continue to do traditional activities?

What motivates this senior or elder to keep fit and stay active?

Submit your story to the NWT Recreation and Parks Association and have a senior or elder from your community profiled on our website.  The goal of the profile is to motivate other seniors and elders to get active and to inspire volunteers to support and promote active aging.

*NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRPA) is a non-profit organization that works with communities across the territory to promote healthy living through active recreation.  NWTRPA’s mission is to increase public awareness of recreation and parks and to enhance the quality of life for residents in the NWT.