The Supporting Cancer Programs for Our Communities project is an initiative led by the NWT Seniors’ Society and Health & Social Services. The goal of the project is to develop a directory of programs and supports that are currently in place to assist cancer patients and their families in the NWT.

The NWTSS Program Co-ordinator, Mike Prowse, will be building a directory of support that currently exist in the NWT; identifying program gaps; visiting five communities to observe the current programs; discussing with residents about best options; and researching other peer support programs that may be adapted for the NWT.

We will look at existing programs and supports, what kinds of programs people would like and what training is necessary to develop peer support programs throughout the NWT. The NWT Seniors’ Society is looking forward to providing cancer support programs in our communities.

This is an exciting new program which will lead to the delivery of peer support training and networks of support people for the residents of the NWT.

For more information about H&SS’ plans regarding cancer services and programs, read the NWT Cancer Strategy 2015 – 2025 here: NWT Cancer Strategy 2015 -2025