Northern Conversations

Live Better Longer

You are invited to gather on Saturday September 1 from 12-5 PM at the Aboriginal Wellness Centre in Yellowknife (accessed by a short trail that starts from the parking lot behind the far corner of the Field House) for “Connecting Lives – Indigenous views on how we transition from this life cycle to the next”.

Indigenous elders, led by Felix Lockhart and others (starting at about 1 PM) will share their thoughts on how to more powerfully live our lives, how we transition to the world of our ancestors, and how sharing this traditional knowledge can better connect elders with youth, expand our collective views on ageing, and also assist medical teams in dealing with people as they age.

The afternoon’s public event is the first of a series of “Conversations” happening in and around Yellowknife this fall and winter. The idea is to create opportunities for powerful, hands-on, and enduring conversations relevant to all generations, cultures, and abilities about how to Live Better Longer within supportive Northern communities.

This is powerful stuff we’re talking about!